Klimovsk KSPZ 7.62x39mm 123GR, FMJ, Lacquered Steel Case, Non-Corrosive. 100 rounds (5 Boxes of 20 rounds). LIMIT 2 per order. NO CREDIT CARD FEES

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The Klimovsk Specialized Ammunition Plant in Klimovsk has been producing ammunition for the military, sport, and hunting market since it's founding in 1936. In addition to more than 80 years of military contract production, KSPZ has been making private label ammunition for many of the biggest names in the market.

This high-quality ammunition in 7.62 x 39 caliber has a non-corrosive berdan primer and a lacquer coated steel case to ensure smooth feeding and extraction of the cartridge. It also features a 123-grain lead core full metal jacket bullet. The powder and primer are both non-corrosive meaning that these rounds are exceptionally clean shooting and leave very little residue. This reliable ammunition is perfect for recreational and competitive shooting alike.

This ammunition is new production, Non-Corrosive, in berdan-primed, NON Reloadable LACQUER COATED steel cases (MAGNETIC).

100 rounds /5boxes X 20rounds/

Technical Information:
Caliber: 7.62x39mm Russian,
Bullet Weight: 123 Grains,
Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket BI-METAL (MAGNETIC),
Casing Type: Lacquer coated Steel.
Case weight : 40 lbs

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